Full 🪱 Moon in ♎️ eclipse
Solar eclipse is comming…

Full 🪱 Moon in ♎️ eclipse


A day of rest

A night of reflection

Release what doesn‘t serve

Don’t start anything brand new today, as we are also in Mercury‘s pre shadow…

Meditation to relax the mind or; take a much needed nap to restore energy and vital body

Reserve your energy, pull all your energy back to you, and release the energy of others you are holding on to.

I pulled a card from the Starry beginning oracle since this is a south node eclipse which is the past. Also lessons from the Soul Lessons Oracle, you get 2 because they flew out together. Enjoy the day.

Just a quick description for those that don’t follow astrology: Lunar south node of destiny depicts the place, energy, emotions, and relationships that we’ve been apart of in our past lives. It’s the karmic energy we are trying to move out of and leave behind in this lifetime as we are moving toward our north node of destiny.

Illumination on all illusions are coming…

Find your balance between chaos and order

Your focus today is…

release rituals involving the air, cleanse with smoke, incense, feathers, sound, whisper, hum, mantras, sing, wind instruments, drum, bells, chimes…etc., journal, rest, make moon water, charge crystals in moonlight, practice your divination skills, reflect on your life and release with love.

Brief summary of area most effected for each sign

♈️ Aries- professional relationships

♉️ Taurus- financial problems

♊️ Gemini- communication

♋️ Cancer- home life

♌️ Leo- reputation

♍️ Virgo- spiritual development

♎️ Libra- social networking

♏️ Scorpio- financial patterns

♐️ Sagittarius- partnerships

♑️ Capricorn- health

♒️ Aquarius- self expression

♓️ Pisces- family-home dynamics