Full pink 🌕 in ♏️ …a preview

Full pink 🌕 in ♏️ …a preview


I wanted to post this real quick as I made some notes yesterday, I may do an oracle reading the day of, not completely sure yet. This is my moon sign so, it really depends on how I’m feeling. I just wanted everyone to know what comes up for their sign/s in particular. Remember to look at your sun, MOON, and ascending signs. I’ll probably comeback with another post later today on something else.

What this moon brings in general:

Amplified Emotions and desires, motivation, hunger for passion, expression and sensuality.

Embrace a forward progressive mindset

Heal ourselves, enrich our relationships and make our realities a better place 

Illuminated areas of happenings in your sign for this moon

Aries- awareness, “share, give, receive” 

Taurus- the time is now! Major business decisions to be made

Gemini-major turning point, new job or pet may come into life

Cancer- sugar and spice, ignited heart desires

Leo- emotions on high, domestic life completely rocked

Virgo- ideas run wild, lock down major contract endeavors 

Libra- an important moment, your financial abundance has arrived

Scorpio- glimpse of a new journey, significant breakthroughs, breakdowns, and endings

Sagittarius- lay low, stillness is key, forced to face the past, fears and anxieties

Capricorn- reaching a heartfelt personal goal, but someone exits your life

Aquarius- career on fire, publicity may appear and lift your name to the sky

Pisces- newfound milestone, shake it up, big changes are sure to happen