Day out of time
'Leo Fires'

Day out of time


Happy Day Out of Time, or point zero on the Mayan calendar, a day of anchoring in your intentions. Tomorrow is the Galactic New Year!

It is so hot here this month, I just saw this guy running across the patio with his mouth open, but I had to shut the blinds and turn on the fan.

Inspector hot feet

The air conditioning is running but with the blinds open it just can’t cool down, so I'm sitting with lights off at the moment with an ice pack on the back of my neck. Sounds dramatic I know but I don't sweat so I'm affected different. Listening to an energy booster frequency because I need it. I took the blanket off my legs, Chimmie isn’t thrilled because she wants to lay on my legs. My right knee is aching which it does from time to time, so I'd rather her not lay there. It is usually the humidity that brings pain which goes away after I wake up in the AM, but I think I hyperextended it this time because it isn’t feeling better.

I was guided to pull a couple cards on IG for everyone. Go check it out if you like. Yes I even feel the energies complex surges from the Lion's Gate opening today, like waves of intense energy incoming causing a surge of exhaustion. I'm drinking a lot and even though I've eaten I feel like I haven't and barely have the urge to pee. Weird, I wonder where it goes if not sweating it out, lol...ewe my ankles 😳.

So this Lions Gate 8/8 portal is about stepping up into your abundance. Perhaps in wealth, however its up to decide what makes you wealthy (or define wealth) as you see it, it may have changed since the last time you thought about it. Also purging everything you've been suppressing in the Leo fires to cleanse yourself. What is ailing you right now? Forgive yourself and others, let go previous expectations and start the galactic new years right. Now is the time to be transmuting the heavy energies into something that lights you up. You are going to be experiencing heightened self-awareness, like nothing you’ve ever experienced yet in life, with the incoming light energies. Also lots of emotions and intrusive constant thoughts. Remember to observe the thoughts you have and decide where they come from, higher self, ego, or heart? Then decide if they are relevant to your current life, purge the rest now. This is fire energy so use candle magic.

Here is my manicure from last year for Lions Gate.

This is all I have for now. Have a great evening. Tomorrow we celebrate yet another new year 🎆

A poem of strength