Goddess Day
The old must be released so the new can enter 

Goddess Day


When Goddess Day falls in October the only goddess that actually comes to MY mind is the Hindu goddess Kali. She takes her offerings under a waning crescent moon, she likes red hibiscus, red wine (in lieu of blood), and knives, among other things.

Oh boy, she takes no shit, tread lightly, she will cut you! I mean…she wears a necklace made from skulls. She doesn’t fit neatly into boxes of light or dark. She is often thought to be a demon not loving goddess, but that is a misunderstanding, she is a deep lover of the beauty of life and protector of innocence. She is an ego destroyer, a liberator from evil and earthly attachment, she will make it impossible for you to lie to yourself.

Call on Kali if you need to end stagnation and add energy to a situation that otherwise has none.

To be in your Kali means to stand up for yourself, and for all women around the world.

So happy goddess day to our dark mother Kali, and all the other goddesses. Celebrate and honor your inner divine feminine today, rewild yourself.

“If you can’t handle me at my Kali, you don’t deserve me at my Shakti” 😂 a funny quote I stumbled across.