Going deep
The Sands of Timelines

Going deep

with myself...

When I say soul I believe we are a soul having a human experience. The soul is the real you, it’s the fearless immortal part of you that only knows love and gratitude and abundance, tap into that first feeling you have about something. However you can’t always hear your soul speaking to you because the ego is loud and likes to talk over it.  If you get positive excitement thats your soul, but then let your ego put its arm around you and talk you out of it, that is your brain. Get out of it and go be quiet so your soul can speak.  The ego is there to keep your finite human from getting hurt, because the ego doesn’t live on past the body death and wants to make sure you don’t kill it.  It is the I can’t because part of you, I’m not good enough, smart enough, never enough…it lies to you and you believe it.  We need the ego still,  it has its moments of purpose for a real fight or  flight response  for real danger but not constantly, where you live in a constant state of cortisol spikes and adrenal fatigue. The average human does not have an extremely dangerous job, so we shouldn’t live like that. But in this 3D world we live more in a state of panic from mass media and other fear driven businesses.  Be the observer of everything the ego tells you. Try boosting other senses to quiet the ego, like third eye, intuition which is a calm knowing not fueled by emotion. Try to stay grounded as much as possible. Fear is a liar.

So when you are trying to decide on what direction to go with something in your life, go with what feels right in the tangible 3D to your soul.  I’m not saying go with what is easy, go with what you’ll thrive from, learn from.  Quantum mechanics will ALSO choose the direction you passed on so no matter what every possible way something will go is actually happening you have to tap into other states of consciousness to experience it. So eventually, if you really want to you’ll jump on that timeline somewhere along the way.  Where do you want to be? Go be there now, use all your senses, focus on the experience, really envision it.  It has no choice but to manifest because you created it just now. In fact you really did just experience it…that is actually what it’s like!  It’s not fake, it is forth dimensional manifesting, and if you tap into that enough and believe you deserve it, the more do do it that faster it will happen, you’ll end up just sliding into that timeline along the way. Then once it happens you really can’t even pin point the moment it happened. It’s taking your ideas, with small tangible steps forward in the direction you wish to go, the universe will guide you along the way, because you opened the door and let it be aware of itself. You matter indeed, and it does want you to succeed because it is you and you are it and it is now conscious, at a level we are all connected we just haven't tapped into how much.  It doesn’t matter where you jump on a timeline because you exist on all of them, living out countless scenarios in a multiverse.

Dimensions are not destinations but levels of consciousness reached in meditation, or other ways of quieting the mind.  I grew a ton this year and it’s not over, am I tired? Yep, am I done? Nope.  I’m seeing some of you activate your higher timelines also we are rising fast it’s so beautiful because I see it! You are that powerful.  No one else can do it for you, it’s a solo learning experience, you can ask for guidance but no one can do it for you.  I’m not saying you can’t have people in your life, or live with others I’m saying they cannot do your inner work.  Learning how to love yourself, and really know who you are, and what you want. It is sending you towards your highest timeline, you are a creator, so go make it happen.  My crown chakra is clear so I don’t cringe saying ‘divine’ anymore, and that is what you are, it’s not narcissistic to know your worth, stand up for yourself, to get what is for you. Many Blessings to you all, let’s bust out of the Matrix.  I don’t know if I even make sense, I have a hard time explaining what I mean sometimes. I’m much better writing it than verbalizing it, omg. Throat chakra is the hardest alignment for me…and I have a really long tongue 🤣. Not even being dirty.

Alright, thanks for listening to me ramble if anyone actually tuned in. I appreciate you, lol. Now go create your next leap, nothing is too crazy, remember one of yourselves on a different timeline is doing it.  Good Night ❤