Good omen 🐰
Spirit guide

Good omen 🐰


L 👀k!! Who visited me today, a big bunneh. Why is it significant? He was standing on his back legs infront of the mailboxes…so that is a message.

Saying you’ve got mail? Lol

It solidifies my moving here, despite how hard it was, to get here, and how much physical recovery time I’ve lost and then accumulated again, he is showing me it was the way. My leap will pay off, and I just feel so protected, even when it hasn’t looked that way in the material. Thank you for protecting me on my journey. I’m truly blessed.

Here’s the reminder of the art I created after going within for ‘wise council’ about a leap back on 11.8.23. This is an amazing solid confirmation, and trust me I’ve had my doubts.