Health Recap and a memory
A few months ago when I was extra sleepy ☠️

Health Recap and a memory


Happy 4th of July here in the states. Not great air quality outside, it’s Tuesday which is garbage day for everyone on this side of the mesa, I think. So I think that has something to do with it. It’s a crispy 99 degrees as well. So I'm in the house gathering my thoughts on teas, vitamins, supplements, seeds, and mushroom coffee.

I put an order together of a variety of new things to drink throughout the day. Trying to get in the habit of drinking hot drinks with lots of nutrients. Going to still drink one regular cup of coffee, I usually drink Starbucks veranda at home. I’m used to two cups. So I’m replacing the second cup with one mushroom coffee. Trying Sigmatic brand because it’s cheaper than Rÿze and not on a membership type thing. Going to get the ‘Think’ blend with chaga mushroom. I’m also getting a matcha latte from the brand Ritual which has all the other mushrooms in it like, lions mane, reishi, cordyceps, and Ashwaganda. I may get a bag of Maca too, it helps with hormone balance an tastes like chocolate.

Then for liver detox, I’ll be drinking one Turmeric, ginger green tea from Republic of tea before dinner. I love their teas, highly recommend them.  I may add a chunk of ginger root to the tea also.  I’ve been eating raw pieces but it getting to me 🤣. I was going to get the detox pills from Thorne but I read reviews of many people throwing up and sick. I think they work but are too potent maybe, I don’t really want to throw up so I’m going a different route, a milk thistle supplement w/ dandelion root for 120 days.

Before bed occasionally I'm going to have a Blue Thai Tea from La Moon Tea made with blue pea flower powder. Going with coconut milk for that one to make a latte.  Also grabbing a bag of chia seeds for overnight oats. Also plant some wheatgrass for Chimmie to chew on which is totally fine. So lots of excuses to drink more through out the day, something new to enjoy. I also am replacing my very pricey Seychelles alkaline water pitcher filters this month. Probably the most important thing on this list, they last 6-7 months so I can’t complain.

I’m a month into my b complex and it seems fine, I even have a hint of La Lunas on my fingernails now, so that’s exciting.  Still should check my iodine levels too. Kind of a boring post I know, I know 😂.  I’m really on this health kick, I’m thinking this change should do me good. Everything here is a positive step forward in healing inside.

So I sold that 369 journal, all the way to AK! How cool, I hope they enjoy it. In fact I’m about to pack up two orders going to Chicago from my store after this, looks like it will help me buy this tea! 🤣 yay!

This life journey, gets me down sometimes, but I pick myself back up faster than I used to. Extremely difficult circumstances, but I guess I’m strong enough to find a way to keep doing it. I’ll keep going…

Hey fun fact time- I climbed a mountain once to the summit, it was in a red clay desert in Wyoming.  I was 21, and was strong then. At the top I walked through the clouds which was so magical, and I sat down under a tree! Yeah a tree. Then I ate a pack of cheese crackers and drank a Diet Coke, then climbed back down, lol.  What reminded me of this is that I was living there briefly in July and I lived in an apartment at the top of a canyon. I sat on the very top behind the apartment building to watch fireworks being set off  in the middle of town. It was amazing, with the backdrop as the other canyon wall. This trip was the furthest west I’d ever been yet. That’s a story for another time. I have some really not so great pics to go with it, I only had a disposable camera then, pre cellphone era.  I think that covers it today, stay strong in your struggles whatever they may be.

Oh blondie 😆, that was only two years ago, you’ve gained so much wisdom through your struggle. Believe in yourself a little longer ❤