Great sleep, woke up amused. I don’t know, I am just in a good mood. I’m tickled! I love that, because it keeps the vibe high.

I do not like this kind of tickle!

Yes I already posted today “When you are a fire” which was part of my wolf moon art since I stayed up most of the night. I thought it would look good how I laid it out. All of the pieces are animated I may post on social media eventually, not sure, if not I’ll post them on a future art dump, I almost made it sub only but I decided it wasn’t too risqué.

So I thought I’d share a couple ‘funny’ pics I have worked on. This one makes me laugh because I’m literally getting zapped in the back. Keep that arch though, lol.

Then this one is from the early 00’s when I used to use hot rollers, and I came up with this before and after 😱

Then the last one is funny because I’m literally blown away by having an artist studio. I look way too excited about it, you think? 😂😂😂

It’s windy in here

That’s all I got for today. I hope I made you laugh. Welcome to my little part of the web, where I can be weird as hell and it doesn’t matter. Have a great weekend!

For a few hours I’ve made our divinity II and III PUBLIC. Divinity III has never been public. If you find sex content unpleasant I am not for you, please understand that, and don’t read it. For anyone else good luck to read it, hurry though back to member only before daybreak…