Hello February 🤍💕
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Hello February 🤍💕


Good morning, after 100 days January has come to an end. I am sleepy, night owling again last night, is this part of the new me? I didn’t intend to be doing that the past two nights but it happened. When I did finally fall asleep I had dreams…good ones. What will the groundhog say tomorrow? I have a feeling it will be 6 more weeks of winter 🥶.

I did a thing yesterday 🙂, I decided! I bought my first round of art supplies. Yay! I just had that nudge to ‘do it now‘, it is as good a time as ever, I’m always going to think something else is a priority over these things so I may as well just breathe and then push order. I’m in a good place I can do it. It is happening for me now, got out of my own way.

My electric blanket is practically attached to my body, I love it. Fully embracing my inner house cat energy today. The past two days I’ve been a lot less swollen as well, and it feels SO good to do full body stretches, but still a little achey. Still no new socks, they’re in Illinois as of last night, maybe I’ll get them today, but probably tomorrow.

Simple day today, making pacific brand tomato and red pepper soup, and grilled cheese on Dave’s killer bread. I’m already hungry because my body doesn’t know what time it is, I guess I am too much in other dimensions to keep track of this world.

Next week we start fun new art, it has been too long, I’m so happy.