Graphic of me by ME

Hello me, it’s me again

SELF-care Sunday recommendation. Have you ever wrote a letter to yourself? To your here and now younger self? Well, because technically at this moment you are seconds older then the moment you started reading this. So lets sit down for a few minutes and jot down a few soul soothing words to remind your younger self you are still there. Then when you have an off day, where you can’t get past tears, fears, and frustration, you have a letter to read that will perk you right the fuck up. Pour all the love you give others into your own cup for a moment, then go fill other peoples cups, with weirdness. I recommend this writing so go write your own now, but only if your in a good mood, and I get all the credit. I’ll go first…

Graphic by me
'Self Love' graphic by me

“Hello me, it’s me again,

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote you but I have not forgotten you. I’ve never stopped overlooking your progress, I have never not been there with you! I just want you to know how proud I am of how decisive and driven you’ve been this year. Even when you didn’t have all the plans in order, or knowledge of the how to do something, or how long it would take you persevered. Vulnerability looks stunning on you, and this energy is pushing you ever further on. It has conditioned you beyond what you had even thought was possible. While this life will always fluctuate with highs and lows, I truly believe you have what it takes to overcome absolutely anything. Everything that happens around you isn’t what happens to you, that is a big lesson to learn, you’ve changed your perspectives and with that have sat down heavy things you weren’t meant to carry. I see you trying to teach others to do the same, at the same time knowing you can’t save everyone. Don’t exhaust your fire on people unwilling to change their thoughts and ways. Shine your light, give me your dark and we’ll find a way to transform it into something better. I see you facing challenges with ease and grace, instead of it crippling you with fear. I see you being kind and patient to others knowing everyone is learning at their own pace. I see you walking away from people not on the same journey with emotional maturity and detachment. I see you delighted to share your inner knowledge with others. I see you applauding other people on their accomplishments. I see you understanding people move on and off your path because they also have shit to do. I see you taking care of yourself, your desire to do better, be more authentic, and just fucking be! It really shows on the outside at this time, people wonder how you did it. I SEE YOU, other people see you, you are never alone. I notice you smile more and mean it, you wake up happier to start the day than before, you get through mundane tasks faster, with less resistance. You appreciate the little things more, and complain less. You do things at the soul level more, you are keeping alignment more with your destined path. You’ve grown more confidence with every step you take, you are more sincere with others than before. So…me, I’m excited to continue to watch how you handle everything ahead of you. This self love has become an essential part of life, keep listening to your needs, taking care of your beautiful body (stop referring to it as a meat carcass), and keep those chakras balanced, and that aura glowing, and those eyes sparkling. I’m sure you wish you would’ve started decades ago. However, we are constantly evolving into what is, we are exactly where we are supposed to be at this time, trust you will be exactly where you are supposed to be tomorrow, next week, a year from now. It’s not necessary to ever wish the past were different, let’s focus on the present so you can meet the future, none of us can know for sure what that is, just know its always better. This is a faith driven year, speak clearly your wishes on dandelion seeds in the summer wind...

Oh and me…I love you.

…And you smiled because you knew

~ Shakespeare

(I nerded out at the end)

I understand, I knew I’d say that 🤪. I do talk to myself out loud.”