Here I am again
Trimming my hair tomorrow

Here I am again


I am wide awake, another 5D surge and throat chakra upgrades. Guess I’ll share some bizarre stuff tonight, as I try to wind down to sleep.

First off, this light being on my wall above my couch. This is a screenshot of a video I took of it. In the lower right corner is my shoulder shadow so I guess this light was hanging out behind me.

Hmmm, okay light being if you're going to stand there at least play with my hair 😂. Also my angry looking pillowcase! WTH man, afraid to put my head down.

I had a dream last night of being told the word exomicelle over and over. I woke up and laughed a little because pulled it from my dream. This is all know, I quickly jotted it down before going back to sleep. I know what ‘exo‘ means like ‘outer’, I know a ‘micelle’ as in micellar water, which is a super hydrating small water molecule that cleans without stripping skin of barrier oils. But I looked the word up on google and it doesn’t exist. I feel like it means something though. Here is the definition I found:

’Micelles can be defined as molecular aggregates formed by substances dispersed in a liquid phase with which they form a colloid, which is a mixture that has insoluble particles that remain permanently dispersed in another substance.’

I have been trying to figure out the meaning for me but it will be a while. Interesting though, I do think it means something to help me fix my skin.

Ok I feel my eyes starting to close on me. Listening to a root chakras overnight, it made me mellow. yay!

Good night, sleep tight