Hobby lobby and other stuff
Hobby lobby highland cow art, lol! Cute

Hobby lobby and other stuff


Goood morning! Um yes feeling amazing today, will be starting some art in a bit. I can’t find my Bristol board, but it’s in stock at hobby lobby today so I’ll buy more. I’m sure the other one will turn up one day, I might have put it in storage accidentally.

So breaked for lunch. Having a Doritos day. I just can’t have very many in one sitting because of the folic acid. Got my gluten free bread though. Organic pasta noodles tonight. Sometimes I eat the frozen Birds Eye pasta noodles made from vegetables instead of wheat which are pretty good actually. My Aunt texted me this morning and asked if I had ever had jackfruit. She is having it in tacos I think. I‘ve never had it. I have heard eating it straight up it tastes like juicy fruit gum. That sounds good to me, so eating it as a meat substitute sounds bizarre. I told her to let me know how it is.

My mom was so kind as to send me those leg massager wraps I mentioned needing. Now I don’t have to buy them, still to be delivered but looking forward to using it everyday. I have bad news about my big toe ON MY OTHER FOOT 😱. It started bleeding from the top of the nail? Like, I’ve not even hurt that one. I guess just from the pressure one day it had burst. It is sore and a tiny bit red on one side, but has scabbed over now. WT actual F! My legs seem to be responding good to lotion though, less bumpy, slightly less itchy. I feel like the itch is a healing itch if that make sense. It is the itchiest itch I have ever experienced in my life, for sure, kind of like a healing tattoo. I hope it’s a healing itch instead of cellulitis! That would be great.

Well I’ll be back in a bit to add in my gel art attempt number one.

The squirrel is awake 😆

Last minute change of dinner plan, I’m leaving cooking spaghetti for tomorrow. Grabbed a salad from Longhorn instead, there is a storm coming so I probably will put off the gel printing tonight. The lighting is getting dark already. So, my twofer Tuesday post will involve the gel pad. Hopefully no tornados touchdown and damaging hail. Last time the hail was golf ball sized I guess. Sorry again. Tomorrow then…