I woke up starving to death. lol. That’s unusual for me to be so hungry first thing in the morning but I was! I just now got around to eating, I ended up having carbo noodles and mashed potato. I know, not the best nutritiously but that was the option besides eating soup which I didn’t feel would be satisfying today. The hangry setting in my body has been fixed, much better now. I wasn’t actually hangry I still had about half an hour before that.

I stumbled upon learning today that a group of wildcats is called a destruction. 😂. I love it. Does Kansas State know this 😂, surely they do. I swear there is an actual wildcat living above me. It gallops through the rooms it has to be a cat I never hear barking and it couldn’t be a human. The curiosity, it is killing me…

I wonder what the Schumann says today? I know there was another X flare last night. Already there have been more this year in the month of May than all of last year, truly a peak sun energy year and into next year. I knew it would be hard and amazing but I didn’t know the extent of it. Now halfway through it I struggle every day observing the thoughts bickering in my head. From I don’t think I can do this, to I can do this, back to nope nope I don’t think so, back to uh you have to do this you can only move forward. Fun times.

It‘s dreary outside rain in the forecast all day. I’m going to work on my Art Dump Post for tomorrow and will paint my nails. I need to get a large bottle of some clear acrylic, and a matte fixative spray for the gel art. Before the end of the month I will have some pieces to show. Ooo excitement intensifies 😂!

Does anyone like my audio ramblings? Well, I hope so because I’m going to keep doing it here and there. I kind of want to look into YouTube ‘shorts’ videos also…maybe I can get myself into posting some art there? Unless that is twitch, I’m not joining that. Or oracle card of the day? Hmm. Things to think about I guess. I’m going to go for now. But first an aura cleansing…recommend when you’ve gotten physically clean but still feel dirty…aura cleanse!

This one feels SO Good in my 🦶!

2 bunnehs now 🐰🐰