I did it!
🤣 the dumpster attendant

I did it!


Good Midnight! Is that a saying? Or Merry Midnight sounds better 😆 if not I’ll go ahead and claim those for myself. Happy self care Sunday, er selfcare weekend for me. I did really good with not getting online, but I did answer a text yesterday on my phone after I fell asleep for a nap. Then I was absent minded and out of habit checked my email. Oops! So I skimmed it and saw that my manukora honey was delivered (that was fast!) so I got to try it out! I also allowed myself to play my playlists on YouTube but I didn’t watch anything else or surf, doom scroll, or login to any socials. I did alright. 

Really earthy herbal flavor and very creamy, I think it’s probably an acquired taste for many would probably go ewe thinking it is going to taste exactly like the honey they’re used to, it does not. I like it though, that must be the mānuka tree flavor, I’ve never had mānuka in anything else edible. So, my gut restore journey has started. 

That nap was insanely good I had three memorable dreams. I had a sexy dream, not explaining it. Then I had a dream I was being forced to decorate, and I was mad. Another dream I heard a woman’s voice with an English accent say, “get out of my body?!!” It woke me up. What in the what does that mean? I was listening to this video below when I fell asleep. Woke up feeling great. It was a long nap so that is why I’m up after midnight tonight.

I don’t usually have much extra money in the summer, especially (in a year I had moving expenses.) Any extra money of which is going to my health and wellness this year, (like vitamins and things like that honey 💸) so I tend to try and find other stuff to do with myself. I had to pick up some shampoo and conditioner, I’m usually a luxury brand buyer when it comes to hair care but not this year. So I thought I’d try this one by Garnier.

I’ve not bought any kind of cosmetics or perfume or new clothes (besides socks) at all this year. I gotta cut corners somewhere, but I don’t feel deprived actually opposite. I do need to work out getting a 5 pk dr gross alpha beta peels and a small It Cos CC cream soon. I could use the peels everyday I LOVE them but I’ll just do one a week instead as a treat. My Mercari store is active but I’m not turning over many sales there this year, last May and June were booming for me, but I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong people just aren’t buying jewelry right now.

It should be great art creating season I have quite a bit of supplies, ideas, and time to do it. Then it’s just a question of energy, how much I have to give towards it. I’m excited to create, for myself and for you, always. I appreciate and feel the support energetically. Good night I’m off try and sleep. Going listen to this one, it has some high pitches I might not be able to fall asleep, I love the video though.