I dreamt I was sleeping

I dreamt I was sleeping


Good afternoon, Happy Labor Day weekend. I just got a wave of tiredness so I am listening to this booster which usually helps. I am listening to it while I write this, in hopes the combination will help me perk up.

Last night I had a dream I was sleeping, and I slept in too late for something, I didn't know it was light out because of the big curtains at a hotel (I'm guessing) I wasn't home and actually sleeping on the floor. A friend I haven't seen forever was there and she said I slept too long, in a panicked and annoyed voice, and then she opened the curtains and stood there looking out the window. I said "I'm sorry" but I couldn't move, and as I tried it woke me up and looked at the time on my phone, it was only 4:10AM, and I just decided to get up. So I am now sleepy.

I also woke up super hungry, which isn’t my normal. With a strong craving for lasagna 😆, I know, super specific. I am going to go ahead and making it in a few hours. I have resisted the craving in the past  because I don't feel like making it but I'm going to do it this time. What you resist persists.

I just had to start writing this all over because the website froze and it didn’t save my draft, I said some expletives in the meanwhile 😑. I don't usually write in the editor provided here because it can’t keep up with my typing usually,  and I have to wait for it to catch up, but of course , I did today.  Now what was I talking about? Oh food, I got some zucchini and kale and mushrooms because it sounds good in it, I still have some sundried tomatoes in a bag from a previous meal I'll just throw those in too.

Something else interesting happened to me recently, remember in a previous post I mentioned that I had strange sacral pains and gave some unsolicited advice to you guys to connect with your mom during retrograde to mend your relationship? Well, my mom called me a day after that post and talked about her mom a little bit, and before we hung up she said, "to call her if I need anything, "SHE ISN’T A MIND READER". Interesting...I said nothing to her of this 'pain' and she doesn’t understand any of the meditation or chakra talk I have talked about previously anyway. She also has no internet connection, or cell phone...she is practically a cavewoman behind in the times, it freaks me out 🤣. So I thought it was interesting she called me during retrograde and just willingly talked about her mom without me asking anything. So, I may have been picking up on her reflecting on her own pain.  She has since called me twice, yesterday and today, two days in a row is pretty rare and she is the only person I talk to on the phone.  Everyone else texts or has other methods, I loathe the phone, but realize it is her only option.

Chimmie had a good day so far, had a bath, and nail trim. She loves a bath, I am curious if she'd like swimming. I thought about getting a little tiny pool for her but never did. Maybe there is still time, it will be nicer outside soon. Can’t believe it's almost her third birthday.

I'm going to go and start this lasagna in a minute. It will be amazing I already know! Hope your weekend is great!