I feel that so much!

I feel that so much!

I read something today that really resonated with me. It went along the lines of:

When I first started my instagram page I blocked everyone I knew because I needed a space to evolve, to cringe, to be an artist. I feel that SO MUCH!

That is kinda what this blog space ended up being for me, it is not so much that I'm blocking anyone. I just want the people who truly see me and appreciate me find me here, that want to swim the depths with me. I dislike surface interactions, and I'm not looking to impress anyone. So if I interact with your posts on social media, I geniunely like you. I know its spiritually draining to let everyone into my space so I don't. Which is one of the biggest reasons I don't do one-on-one oracle readings, I'm too sensitive to energy I just can't. I know I'm a transmuter, but even we have our breaking points. So...I do have some boundries these days, I've never been one to really 'chat' I just don’t like it, and I'm horrible at it! I rarely respond to direct messages on IG, especially if I don’t know you, and I'm currently having an issue with messenger. Its just as well, because I am trying to focus on what I need to do for bettering myself right now. I really don’t mind talking one on one in person, or email for a purpose, not just 'shooting the shit' in a chat, none of that is authentic expression anyways. Is that the saying? Shooting the shit? 😂 I hope so. I have like three people I'd converse and have conversed with about anything. You would have my number, email address or we connect some other way and I've taken the time to write you something of substance. I rarely reach out first though, introvert problems, even if I’m terribly fond of you, and if you are an introvert too...we might never speak again. I'm kidding, we will, and you are introverts too. One of you is exactly like me INTJ same subtype, I knew it from the start even though I never said it to you. In my head I was like YOU! Then I was so happy 🤣.

I'm trying to reprogram my brain from being so logical, and it has been difficult because I'm an INTJ personality type, that is the eccentric closet artist. Following a spiritual path can be difficult because it isn’t based on evidence which my brain wants, and showing my emotional side and saying I feel is all new and scary for me. I have come a long way in the last few years. Some people already know this about me but I thought I 'd share again.

So anyways, that is me. I know, I don't really have to explain who I am or what I'm about but I just felt like it, and this is my space. Yay!

Something that makes me laugh.