I need a nap
Finally, some relief 😮‍💨

I need a nap


Hi 👋🏻 welcome to my second post

Yesterday I tried out my charcoal mask on my itchy spots on legs, it helped! Then I slathered on the cream and put these socks on. First real feeling of relief since I got here. My legs finally felt hugged, lol. They had a pleasant gentle throb for awhile which I take as lymph fluid and blood traveling back upward and out of legs where it should be going! It will probably take a little while to empty the legs but it’s a start in the right direction. Pretty good sleep I wore them over night. I am very happy with them, they do go all the way up to the knee and are non binding, so no itchy ring left when taking off. Seems like just the right amount of pressure on the ankles and the feet aren’t restricted so much as my other socks so there is space to wiggle the toes and stuff.

I’m trying to watch tutorials while I write this, it’s making me SO sleepy I think I need a nap. How we all feeling after the eclipses? Couple more days of intensity of the purge and merge 😆.

I had lunch and saved half for dinner. Got the caprese sandwhich again at Jimmy Johns, I like it how it comes but I love it in the oven for a few minutes.

Oh man I’m so sorry I’m checking out for a few I have to nap, lol. Wow. I’ll come back a little later.

The next day,

Here is another tutorial at this link the video wouldn’t directly post.