I’m a bad MTHFR
From the mthfr experts website, this is my specific mutation

I’m a bad MTHFR

It is mercury retrograde so I suppose now is the time to re-evaluate my circumstances that is MTHFR. I swear I do this kind of post every May! I know,  it sounds like I’m saying I'm a bad ya know...motherf'er, and I guess I kinda of am, dealing with my genetic malfunctions. It takes alot out of a person, and I'd say I'm a biowarrior since I'm still on this Earth.  It stands for... brace yourself it's a mouthful to say the least. METHYLENETETRAHYDROFOLATE REDUCTASE 😬, got it?

A few years ago, my constant state of feeling rundown

Basically I am a bad Methylator, I actually have 9 defects in my methylation system on my genetic code. It is what runs the synthesis of breaking down vitamins from food into the (methylated/usable) forms.  My methylation system only runs at 30% of what a normal persons does, leaving me to store 70% of the toxins in my body. This causes all kind of problems like chronic inflammation in specific areas, like the heart and brain and joints. I need my brain to make decisions about this stuff, so to say it is challenging is an understatement.  You don’t want to just use anti-inflamatories because that stresses out your organs, and it just covers up the problem not fixes it, so you must add in the methyldonor vitamins. This is why I didn’t want to take tylenol during my bout of covid.  Covid also weakens the skeletal muscles and there were days I couldn't move my arms I was too weak, it got better but if you have an underlying autoimmune disorder thats a double bodyslam.  I have been researching my raw data code for about five years, and I have test results from a genecode decipherer called xcode to verify my own conclusions I made using my raw data at the same time. I do get quite overwhemled and frustrated sometimes and need to shut the door on it.  But I see I need to switch up my vitamins yet again, as what I'm taking currently has b6 as just pyridoxine which is not the methylated (P-5-P) version. Somehow I missed that, I must have just read it was 2.55 mgs and I like to keep it under 10 mgs a day.  Because too much b6 can cause numbness, acne, and peripheral neuropathy. Non Methylated versions of b6 (Pyridoxine), b12 (Cyanocobalamine) , and Folate (Folic Acid) is ☠️ to a MTHFR body, causing abnormally high homocystine levels which then in turn...causes inflammation, due to not being able to breakdown the vitamins and also letting the cyanide molecule run havoc through your body from Cyanocobalamine! The kidneys hate this high homocystine, and they are pretty important.

Don’t take that cyano b12 especially a shot, after awhile that's gonna do harm, opt for methylated versions they are not much more expensive,  hydroxocabalamine should be fine which more stable in liquid form than methyl, methyl shots exist but they are just really sensitive to sunlight and heat which could give problems to home injectors. It is so hard to stay away from these toxic vitamin forms in fortified foods (get it out of the food!) though especially folic acid. Even if you have a normal methyl system steer away from fortified food as best as you can, you’ll be healthier for it. Eat whole grains and whole oats, bake your own bread with non-enriched flour if possible if you have this too! Also steer away from that yummy nutritional yeast from Braggs, it has pyridoxine, folic acid, and cyanocabalamin! YIKES! I understand why they do it though, because methylated versions are fincky so if something claims to have methylated forms in it but that storage container is clear, that vitamin is destroyed. That is just good advice only by vitamins in opaque packaging.  Extremely sensitive to sunlight and temperature.  Vegans please get your b12 in Methylated form...and if you are strict vegan you must take it or you will die, it might take a few years if you have a normal methyl system, because we are all born with around 25mg of b12, which is about 25 years worth in a normal person, a normal person also absorbs through food so they never have a problem unless overdrafting from heavy drinking, novacaine or have some other liver problem.  I started having issues with mine at age 27, I would just be standing there maybe talking to people and all of a sudden I would be on the floor, and people would look at me like wth, I would jump back up unharmed, but I can no longer do those things. Intrinsic factor is what aids in absorbtion of vitamins in the small intestine...someone like me has to bypass digestion so I take sublinguals (usually) to get it where it needs to go. This is also the reason people get b12 shots in their leg, it bypasses the small intestine that way.  If you have leaky gut you should try and fix that, along with liver aids such as milkthistle and dandelion root. I do not have intrinsic factor so, that is why I have b12 deficiency in the first place, and a screwed up methylation system doesn’t help either. What a hand I was dealt, especially after all those genes turned switches on. Ahhh turn it off, lol.

I need help getting rid of my toxic load, with b12, b6 & b9... in the right amounts in their methylated forms...of course. The right amounts can be the challenge and I still haven't found what is right for me after all these years, since being diagnosed or suggested shots rather at age 30.  It is always, try this vitamin for awhile, and this one...and see how you feel. It is so exhausting. I crave peace from this, although it isn't the end of the world, I cannot change my genes but I can turn the epigenics on and off at the right dose I just haven't yet apparently because I'm having a time of it! lol.  Not to mention the importance of  the right dose of d3...and then there is the debate on if K2 is necessary to take at the same time or not, supposedly you can mess up what calcium does to your arteries with d3 alone but it hasn’t been proven one way or another as far as I know. Also other b vitamins should be taken too, B1 not as thiamine but benefotiamine should be added as it is the fat soluble version which extends the amount of time it stays in the body, ugh, but don’t forget to take it with oil or some other healthy fat like almonds or avacado. 🤯.

I may sound like a know it all about this, I'm not though, there  is still so much I don’t know, and that the medical world doesn’t know. I just happen to have to know this stuff somewhat or...😵😑🫤.  If anyone else is struggling with elevated unexplained homocysteine levels from a blood test, or notice signs of inflammation, rashes, swelling, join pain, rosacea, fainting or even (unexplained mood changes which could be megaoblastic anemia). Take a mthfr genetic test they are about ($150), or through a doctor if you can get it cleared could be insurance covered.  If you have your genetic raw data like me send it to xcode and get your tests cheaper as half the job is done for them, they are still real doctors.  Neurologists get laughed at when they suggest the obvious, vitamin deficiencies, no money in that, wait until MS or some other terrible disease shows up. I'd say that the ones who do suggest that are brave. Don't let the deficiency cause more problems. Go get a second opinion, don’t be afraid to go it alone with your raw data, like me 🤣 I'm still alive... I think.   We are taking our control back to heal ourselves.  I also believe we are a soul... in ascension, sound and crystal healing, meditation, multidimensional beings, and lots of other strange stuff so maybe not take my words without a sprinkle of thee old 🧂.