I’m back again 🦉

I’m back again 🦉


I am back because, I just need to type to come back to the present moment, because I’m anxious. Today I can tell it is in a positive way, so yes I’m future focused now that things are moving. It must be the moon energy because I am wide awake and feel exceptionally good. I am grateful of course, it is a change from that ten of swords feeling the other day, but I’m just trying to figure out the why so I can keep it up. If I feel this good simply from that b12 complete I would be almost mad for not getting it sooner 😂, it does say more potent than others out there on the market and the pills are deep red so maybe.

My right shoulder is working better too, I’m glad, I need my arm strength! I am going to get a leg & foot heat and vibration massage device as soon as I can after all this other stuff settles. My body wants it So bad! It is going to feel so weird not decorating or having Christmas this year. I think I’ll grab a favorite tea from republic of tea called comfort & joy so it feels like Christmas still.

Speaking of holidays, just a reminder there are only two days left to order stuff from my Mercari store before I close it up. I just marked everything way down in hopes to close out with a few more sales. Really good deals on sterling silver if you are looking and you’ll get a free mushroom crystal too. I’ll probably up the price again in January.

Did I mention I am going to change the mushroom coffee AGAIN. Lol! Going back to the four sigmatic one for the gut I think it’s called defense, because there is no reishi mushroom. I read about some studies done on the safety of reishi mushroom in powder form taken longer than a month consecutively has been shown to cause liver damage/failure 😩, I don‘t need that!

I am going to go now and massage my calves, and try to wind down to go to bed soon. Goodnight 😴