I’m up! The post eclipse hangover

I’m up! The post eclipse hangover


Good morning. I apologize for the abrupt nap mode I went into mid post yesterday. I died for a couple hours, it was coma like. I woke up very refreshed and started writing again last night around 8pm but something happened and the website didn’t update my post and save so…I lost it and I didn’t feel like starting over. So I didn’t. I think my body is just comfortable, lol so it’s sleepy. I have been taking more magnesium this past week so that is also a factor, body is loving it. Also started my 🩸 early yesterday. A little early in date too, but so far not too bad, hardly feel it.

So I was too tired to start painting yesterday, I’m going to get a magazine and baby wipes today…and food. Hopefully I can find some wipes that don’t have that baby wipe smell I hate it, this to quick clean the gel plate between projects. You can also use hand sanitizers but you still need a lint free cloth to wipe it so…The magazine is for collage, I guess they are pretty hit or miss with transfer it depends on what kind of ink the company uses. I‘m not as interested in pictures as I am in letters, numbers, symbols and patterns to use. Not really looking to use copywrite images incase I want to sell something. I can also laser print some stuff on to printer paper on my own but, I doubt I have any ink for it though, I barely ever use it. That will be another day, I’ve not even unpacked it.

Okay I’m going to do some things and check back later.