In love with life
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In love with life

I have had such great sleep this week and feel so good, kinda in love with life! So here I am... feeling like blogging. Today I have been researching again on my vitamin dilemma because I’m sharper today than usual.  I think I’ve found a new to me replacement. The brand is Thorne and they are pretty reputable in the vitamin world.  I lay my life in their hands 🤣.  The only thing that scares me is that they are pills and not sublingual.  So will I absorb it…?  I’m willing to try it and see.  I’ll have a few backup vitamins left if I don’t. I have cut back my b12 dose significantly anyways, haven’t taken it in 9 days, and I think it may actually be good to do so considering how good I feel lately. I used to take 2500mcg on top of the amount in my b complex which is 360mcg. B12 has a half life of six days, and you really only absorb so much anyways 2800mcg is probably over doing it, and you don’t use much daily either.

Thorne B complex, MTHFR friendly formula

I have gathered all I need, B complex, d3+k2, cal mag, and zinc. All from Thorne, so I’ll be able to buy and start before the end of the month.  I’ll have to start eating something to take them in the am because B3 gives me niacin flush (so unpleasant!) if I don’t. I’m thinking I’ll try overnight oats, with chia and fruit, cinnamon, monk fruit and either So Delicious coconut milk (only 2 ingredients) or hemp milk (from Pacific brands). I don’t really like hot oatmeal but overnight oats are good, I have never tasted hemp milk so I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not.  I’m trying to keep the plant milk clean as possible so they don’t have added vitamins to interfere, and whole oats aren’t fortified so that is good too. That way I'll be able to tell if it works for me or not. All these vitamins are pretty affordable and I will only have to purchase every two months with exception of the d3+k2 which is 600 servings! Wow. Oh I may need to add the fat soluble B1 eventually, but I'll skip it for now.  I will try to stay hopeful that I made the right choice.

What else...I guess that is it really. lol! I just quit Netflix, I just haven't had time to watch it for months now actually. I realized I have been paying them since 2009 without ever cancelling 😂 that adds up!  

So...audience...I hope I'm entertaining you.  It's SO quiet in my little interweb cubby hole. I'm still happy to be here doing this with or without feedback. It feels right, for now. I'll give you a little secret, because if you are here then you’re like...super special. I want you to check out my pinterest boards, if you haven't.  I think you’ll learn a lot about me. Well, I'm off to make basghetti....🤣. C-ya when I see ya. Subscribe it'

A previous basghetti memory 😂😂😂...don't laugh I was drunk