In the air
A prayer feather, I decided on this month as a new air element tool

In the air

Hello, I'm back to bless you with my feather :)

I've been guided toward adding some air/wind tools to my life. This is my first prayer feather, hand made by a lovely member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in Wisconsin. It feels closer to the earth to buy from a spiritual crafter, in which I know they care about animals and the earth. Feathers are mainly used for prayer, smudging, and ceremony to clear negative energy. I'll be using it to clear my decks and smudging.

I used my Teakwood frog drum to call in spirit on my Sunday Oracle reading. The back story on the drum, yes, I have one!  I purchased it at a little pop-up shop at The Wanee Festival of I think 2013. That is a music festival that was held annually at Suwanee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida.  A three day festival usually in April (I never went to the June events), tons of bands with The Allman Bros. (it was their festival) I started going to it in 2010 and I went four or five years. My music taste is really quite vast.  It was always a great time, I usually built my camp on Sunday or Monday to make it a full weeks vacation, which was before anyone got there so I had a great pick of where I wanted to put my camp. I lived about 45 minutes away so I was going home to shower every morning, sometimes Id take a nap afterwards.  I needed to run home anyways to restock my cooler and ice, and to tend to Zita my chihuahua who got to stay at home alone because she was a good girl.  While my Shiba Inu would go stay with my work family which was a doggy daycare & overnight stay.  I knew I was among awesome people at the park because no one ever took anything from my camp which amazes me to this day. The unfortunate thing about the frog drum night was I bought it, but I lost my camera. I think I may have set it down at the table when I was paying for it, and forgot to pick it back up. Lost and Found never found it so...lots of good pics on there I lost. O'well.

So many highlights in my mind of the event over the years.  There was a bat house which I never knew existed until my first time there.  There were peacocks also in the park, I never knew how loud they were but yes they scream all night. There really was no sleep to be had at something like this, overnight drum circles after the stages end, and the stage music didn’t end until 3:30am.  I was running on maybe 3-4 hours sleep in a tent, but there were about 22,000 people camping and being pretty good together, not once did I feel unsafe or threatened. I watched a girl tripping on acid all over a tree, she was rolling around on the ground mumbling...touching it, trying to climb it. One day driving into camp a guy from Toubab Krewe knocked on my window and handed me their CD trying to promote their show on the traveling stage. I actually really liked it, lol. Rusted root, Johnny Winter, The black keys, Buddy Guy, Steve Miller, Robert Plant, and so on played there. One night a drunk guy walking fell on me as he tried to walk down an isle of chairs. I was sitting in a chair and he just crashed onto me and tried to catch himself with both hands and all his weight on my knee. I tried not to be mad because he was clearly smashed, but it did fucking hurt, and my knee is already fucked up. He got up and didn’t apologize because he didn’t know what he was doing obviously. Got up and ordered a beer, then stumbled to a garbage can and drank it over it. He started to walk towards me again and I was like no fucking way is this dude trying to walk through here again. He did though and fell a little every step of the way until he did find his people! Thank god. lol. Sadly that was usually the highlight of my whole year, I wish I would’ve just enjoyed life more then. Eventually Greg passed away and I'm sure it was never the same, and I'm not even sure if they still hold the event at all. That doesn’t really sound fun to me anymore, for many reasons but it was a big deal then, and I thought I'd share a piece of me in retrospect. Enjoy the gallery! I'm finding new ways to free spirit these days.

"The key to life is to remain a child"