Investigate, perception & honesty
A local mural, don’t know the artist

Investigate, perception & honesty


These third eye and crown upgrades symptoms are rough the last few days. I have a leaky right eye AGAIN but no excema. Slight headache and lower jaw pain, wisdom teeth shifting, ugh, lol. Just an observation.  Last night I stayed up until 11pm! That’s late for me, and I slept until 5:44am. I guess I needed it, oh and I woke up so hot all over my body, my hands were dare I say sweaty? Maybe my internal central air and heat is starting to switch That would be amazing.  I just called my mom and she was hot too, and she had just laid down for a nap. She said her AC only goes down to 66. Uh...that’s cold isn't it? I sleep at 66, and 74 during the day but it triple digits here can’t really turn it down lower than that.

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I decided to pull some oracle cards for myself today. Here they are

I would say Investigate and perception go together...take a real good look at what we believe is real. However is it's not an absolute truth as we continuously pull the layers back and back uncovering more and more revealations.  The blades of clarity cut through the illusions and expand our perceptions of reality, it really depends on how conscious we are being. Then be honest with self and move on if necessary.

Well, that feels kind of like tarot not as comforting as oracle usually is, maybe my energy isn't as good today. Perhaps its new moon energy already. Time to meditate. Hope you are having a good weekend. Tomorrow is my ZitaBella intro, she would be 20 this year! Also my collective Oracle reading on IG.

My front yard cactus looks like it might bloom soon?