It’s April (No Joke)

It’s April (No Joke)


The bunny did make an appearance after all

Pretty rough night of sleep but I’m up. Alright, new month of high energy. Got to rest when possible between eclipses 🥱. Listening to some boost frequencies so I can stay awake, might try to nap midday.

Had the weirdest dream about living in the Everglades working at a gas station. This guy came in a bought something I think it was a snack cake, and dropped it and we both went to pick it up but he got to it first and he looked me kind of startled and started bowing and backing up to the door. Then he went out of the door and dropped his jacket and hat. It was weird to me like was he afraid of me, lol. I started to walk towards it outside and he ran up and snatched them and bowed at some more. I have worked at a gas station before, not in Florida, and I have lots of real stories but, that never happened 😆.

I am so hungry it’s almost noon so I guess I’ll do that and be back in a while… it’s going to be a junky lunch not gonna lie.

I have a tiny bit of shame here

I just heard about highway 1 collapse 😦, I hope no one was injured! Wow, looks like Mercury Retrograde starting off on time with travel delays. That reminds me of when I was on highway 1 a few years ago and had to take a detour up in around these little neighborhoods around Angeles Natl Forest because everything was on fire it was awful, a slow crawl and almost out of gas at one point, like six hours behind where I was supposed to stay overnight. Barely crossed the boader into Arizona before it closed. That would have sucked, not sure what I would’ve done. That was October 2019, before all that pandemic stuff. I remember staying at this little hotel/motel thing in the middle of CA the night before all that, and I took a video of the place because I felt like I was gonna be murdered there. Lol. It had that creepy feel, I barely slept at all unfortunately, and had no idea just how long the road was going to be the next day. Not sure if it would’ve mattered if I took video though. I just remember how happy I was to be back in Las Cruces in the end.