It’s Friday
Leftovers for lunch, remnants of mostly what I didn’t eat yesterday like my little bite of carrot, with a little extra.

It’s Friday


Who went shopping today? That’s crazy! I just ate that food in photo, now I’m full. I hope everyone had a great day and it continues through the weekend. I don’t really have much to say because food coma. I’m trying to neutralize it by listening to an energy boost frequency. Last night I had a dream I was offered some Doritos, but I didn’t have any when I woke up. I haven’t had any for months because folic acid, I guess I’ll only eat them in my dreams now. 😂 What is the point in going on!

Just wanted to show up here to post something. Not a whole lot I can talk about at the moment. I’m probaby going to pack up vanity stuff, I’ve not done it yet, and I can see in my head how I want to go about it. I do have all these stickers attached to clear bendable vinyl, I think I’m going to tape it to the glass vanity top and get a mirror box to pack it, rather than roll back in a tube. Hopefully that works, I’d hate for them to peel off.

Maybe I’ll post again later…