January take 20
Strange light reflection on the wall, what do you see? I think it’s wild! 💫

January take 20


I slept for about 6 hrs which was pretty good. Chimmie seems to be acting normal today. As for me, still swollen, I read about HADAS today and there was a study done on people living in higher elevation for and extended amount of time (1-5yrs) in China to work in the mountains and when they went back to sea level they had a normal first day back but woke up with HADAS, irritated, exhaustion, insomnia, confused, leg edema, abnormal rbc and wbc blood lab, ast, ldh, ck levels elevated. They didn’t stabilize in the blood until at least 61 days after day 3 of HADAS and some up to date 100+. Mostly 20-60 normal healthy adults. 😳. WTF. I know I might sound hostile it’s just part of the purging for me, I’m looking at solutions not just complaining. I’d rather sort it out than hold it in, so I can make decisions. I feel like there is some improvement because when I first started swelling real bad about 5 days ago, it felt like one of those blood pressure cuffs tightening on my foot/ankle that just kept tightening and then it was numb. It isn’t like that anymore thank god. I was hoping to get a wedge pillow but no-one has one in town. I‘ll just use pillows piled up to elevate my feet for now.

I finally unpacked my crystals today, to get my mind on something else, they all survived the trip. I am supposed to receive my two new ones today by 9pm. I still have to find my terrarium to charge them with the salt. I‘m excited to see them, it’s been a year since I saved them to my wishlist. My large yoga skeletons did not do aswell, which I’m not surprised they are very delicate. I have lots of bones to glue back in place, once I find the hot glue gun. I tried to pack them well.

I packed my trilobite fossils with my crystals, I don’t think I’ve shown them before, I keep them in the book case, normally. Cute!

Russian trilobites (Ordovician)

It is 9 degrees tonight, by this time next week it should be back to habitable temps. I’m so glad Chimmie is acting normal because I don’t want her to have to go outside to the vet in such cold. I wasn’t sure though yesterday and it scared me.

So far January has been…hard, but I think I’ve done at least as good as anyone else would in the same predicament, if not better. Happy Aquarius season by the way, my Venus is in Aquarius and the 9th house philosophy/acedemics/spirituality.

Good night, my package just dropped at the door so I’m going to get that and read my awesome book for an hour and then try to sleep and decompress more, I feel like I’m recovering from being in the movie the Abyss 😂. I should watch that! I have it, I loved watching it when I was growing up. When I was in 4th grade I wanted to be an oceanographer. One of my many tanked career paths 😂😂😂.