July forecast
Beep beep!

July forecast

Well...happy July. I had a backyard vistor as you can see in the photo above, I wondered when I was going to see one this year. Seems kind of late in the year to not have seen one yet. Usually they hangout at fastfood drive thrus, I have see them death shake french fries against the curbside before. "Make sure that tater is dead boy!" 🤣 This one did circles around the tree, panting for going on ten minutes. Not sure if just hot, or was stalking something in the yard. Eventually it took off.

I pulled my tarot for the month. I decided to share it here instead of IG. For me June started with a physical super charged feeling. As if something was always on the verge of happening but it never did. Like an anticlimactic movie. Then sudden death. I did pull the death card in reverse in love on June 1st, which now I can see it in a non romantic love, could have been her. She could be possessive, stubborn and intense, lol.  I had also pulled 10 of pentacles a few times in May, which I think of as inheritance.  I was worried about my dads health at the time.

So here are my July cards, I pulled oracle too. Starry beginings oracle had me in tears because immediately I heard Fleetwood Mac, lol. I’m ridiculous and cry at the drop of a hat sometimes. Three queens came out at once which I’ve not had before, it could be gossip from people that don’t even know me, talking about why I didn’t make it back east to the funeral. That's none of my business though, and I don’t care what they think either. I think that concludes todays post. Much love happy July and happy weekend, and I'll be back tomorrow for another post. I also added donation to the first week line to Austin Bats 🦇, after that pic was taken because I just saw the email and remembered.

An AI art from along time ago that I conjured