Kitty Hawk haikus

Kitty Hawk haikus

Written by me in KittyHawk, N.C. On 7.5-7.15 1998

Typing my written Haikus to make them easier to read, some of these are from observation of others at the beach. Some are my experiences, and some are just imagination.  I was 18.  Oh, and Godfrey was my goldfish. Enjoy!

The unexplained haunts

Reach for answers in the brain

Monotonous thought

Cannot get back again

The past excruciating

Sadness overwhelms me

Life is full of choices

Lost in psychedelic drugs

What will you decide

Wining and dining

Cheap and reek of alcohol

Washington D.C.

Lightning bolts strike

The Gods angry with betrayal

Punish the sinners


Hides within the isolated cave

Society gone

Tonight death does reign

Slowly drowning in my blood


She loved and lost

But lived on with a promise

The heart carries on

Godfrey the goldfish

With many steel scale and aqualung

Beautiful within

The devil inside

Sunk beneath and hidden away

Destruction awaits

Fumbling  ecstasy

Springtime brings the seed of life

Changing with the years

Wandering alone

The sky is calm on this night

One star luminous

Gulls crying aloud

Pounding surf soaking the soul

Return to nature

Jellyfish verses shark

Kings of the watery worlds

Fearless upon death


Subliminal in messages

Altered awareness

Spark in the darkness

Fires raging in our hearts

Passion burning bright


The ogre stomps furiously

Stalking his rabbit

Fireflies at dusk

Eager lips engage sloppy kissing

Everything glows at night

On one midsummer eve

Star crossed lovers are embracing

On the Kitty hawk dunes

Sand in my bottom

Sitting drunk and out of mind

At George’s I’ll dine

Sleepless in my bed

Vivid memories replayed

Wishing and wanting

Promises held dear

Memories not forgotten

Nothing tangible

The Oceanfront lifestyle

Shooter and sunscreen in hand

Sunset is approaching

The moonrise over sea

Secret rendezvous on beach

Two lovers embrace