Hay you 😂🤭 get it




Happy leap day. That would be an interesting birthdate for sure. I’m so tired today I barely slept at all last night, swollen AF, but I am here. I start to get tired when the light is on so I think, “ okay I can sleep now”, but I turn them off and nope, I get a second wind ready to stay up. 😂 I need to leap into sleep! It rhymed, easily amused when I’m tired. I know what I need to do, drink more water and do the lymph drainage massages, it ‘s not hard I’m just tired on all the levels I have to endure. I know, I need to raise back up but I’m currently stuck in root chakra this AM, it’s not even my energy I can tell. Is it a collective divine masculine purge? 😩 Chin up buttercups, 🤣 oh my so tired. What is this energy? A stomach turning ‘lack’ feeling. You lack nothing, you are abundant, someone have a tower moment?
I‘m feeling better took me 2:30 hrs get to balance the root. I think I just channeled Zita, it sounds like something Sophia would say from the golden girls. Anyways, I’ll be back later when I’m rested. When I’m more…normaler.

Many hours later…I found I was right on with the energy. Everything feels fine now at 8pm.

Here, please listen to this,

To stay out of lack, change your mindset so you are open to receive, say or read these

I am abundant

I have all I need

Everything I will need I will have

Money flows to me with ease

I am love

I am loved

My tourmaline bracelet broke 🫤 today, it’s okay I can remake it. I guess it protected me