Liver detox week 1

Liver detox week 1


Hello! Week one of liver detox has been easier than I could have hoped.  Plus drinking the drinks I've mentioned previously has added to feeling calmly focused. I'm not feeling super energized but more of like, when you drink magnesium and the body just feels relaxed. Definitely don’t feel sick like throwing up, which I'm happy about. I think my body is not only super busy detoxing the liver and rebuilding any leaky gut situations with the mushrooms at the same time. I will be adding maca powder this week to my routine which is an adaptogen for stress reduction and hormone balance. Also adding in B1 (benfotiamine and thiamine complex) which is recommended for MTHFR gene issues.  

As for the ascension flu as we sometimes say when there is a big shift like Lions gate. I would say, I'm feeling a little heavy and a little sluggish, kind of hot, but I'm in the desert so of course. There's also a Super full moon happening soon so I’m sure that is part of it too. I got that treading water feeling, it's nothing I haven't felt before kinda of subsides at night. I had a really weird dream last night that I'll probably jot down eventually, but other than that I've not had any negative sleep issues. My right shoulder is tired and been itchy, but arm is working. I woke up later than usual one day, and this morning I have a weird small red mark on my right hand I don’t remember. Some solar plexus pressure activity a few days, a lot of crown activity which has been active for like a month for me, buzzing ears, tingling head. All of it comes and goes. Gotta keep clearing energy too make room for more, keep your clutter to a minimum in your main living areas to lower unconscious stress triggers.

Also had some fun heart activity with the kudalini energy shifting the other night. The heart is the center of your spiritual power, and what took place is a sign of going the right direction, and the soul communicating with the body. I was kidding about heart attack, it is not to be feared, was a good feeling that double heartbeat coming into a new balance.  It lasted longer than it ever has before which could be disturbing to some but it is amazing, just let it pass on through, you can roll around and revel in it lionesses 🤣, if you like.

I'm off to find some food, have a good day