Looks like I’m up
It’s getting weird up in here tonight

Looks like I’m up


I’m just here to try and get sleepy. I thought typing might help. I just got a burst of energy for no reason. Last night my eyes and nose were watering laying my head down. So that's a sign of brain and body exhaustion, and now I’m awake, lol. Atleast it is quiet around here, I think everyone is on spring break out of town still. This pen in the feature gif is shedding glitter everywhere, it’s pretty but at what cost. Glittery hands, lol. I suppose I should write on paper. Jot down some things I need soon, like a floor fan. I never did get a leg vibration massage thing. I need to still get that it will help my legs, ankles and feet faster than I can with my wave vibration. I‘m going to have deformed bones soon if I don’t! Sometimes I wish this part of my life was only a nightmare.

I just deleted a bunch of depressing leg stuff. I guess I should get off here, that isn’t the direction I want to go. Anyone up? Have a good night, don’t worry I’ll be fine. I get this way sometimes. Did I post this already 👇🏻 can’t remember, lol. Good night.