Magical Monday ✨
This weeks energy is the Star!

Magical Monday ✨


Good evening! I finally got my Cirque Colors order so I'll be swatching those colors on my nails late this week.


Started the day off with rain before sunrise, desert rain smells SO good and it was nice to open the door and bring it inside. The humidity hurts my knee though to the point I had to take back and body aspirin, feels much better now, took me a longtime to fall asleep last night from the throbbing. I don’t like taking aspirin or Tylenol so I put it off until I can’t take it anymore. Especially since I'm trying to do liver detox, should have tried the heating pad.

Last night there was a little lizard on the screen door! I was used to that in Florida but not here. More fire energy, I have been super creative this weekend. Yesterday morning there was a rabbit on the patio, Chimmie started barking and it hopped off. Hmm, that is a sign of abundance and fertility...not trying to create people though, just art 🤣. I just posted a WIP animation on IG check it out if interested, I'll wait until tomorrow to post here in Art Dump Tuesday.

Just finishing up the last of my pasta bake, tonight. I try to just eat leftovers from the week on Monday.  It's garbage night (my favorite night!) The day everything lingering in the fridge gets thrown out for Tuesday, recycle day too, that is even better! Is it weird to enjoy garbage day?

Well, I'm off to finish my art now, and listen to music. Nighty Night.