Makeup Collection
A past makeup look, matchy match eyes and nails 😆

Makeup Collection


I used to be a big makeup hoarder, I don’t know why as I would hardly ever finish anything, I just had to have all the things. These days, I go through my makeup every 6 months and throw out questionable things, if something still smells like it did when I bought it I keep it until it changes. Below are my current items, all highly recommended if looking for something new, I love Melt Cosmetics, Anastasia BH, Urban Decay, and Tarte Cosmetics. Also not seen here, I usually use IT cosmetics CC cream as foundation most of the time I am currently out, but I wear the color Light Yellow, and I can also pull off the color Light as well. Highly recommend the CC cream it is amazing. I also have some Anastasia eyeshadow primer but don’t tend to use it much, I find it makes shadow patchy, maybe I’m applying too much?

I decided to go through my makeup today as I am about to be putting some on this weekend after a long break. I’m not pulling out all my eyeshadow palettes today, I know they’re all still good. But these other things are my go to normal everyday ‘holy grail‘ products. I had nothing to throw out this go around, I just had to get everything back to where it goes, I am missing one melt pot in color Steel (I think), a matte navy shimmer blue. It’s probably with my eyeshadows…Tarte ‘Fake Awake’ always looks great, use it in the waterline, makes your eyes look bigger than they are, never line with dark liner in the lower waterline unless you have big eyes because it closes your eye off and makes them look smaller. However tightlining (upper waterline) with black liner makes your top lashes look fuller, you just hold your eye open until the liner sets and you should be good to go and not transfer it to the waterline if using waterproof makeup.

I don’t backup anything these days with exception to the city lips plumping gloss. I only buy those at buy 1 get 1 sales. There used to be a time when I had to wear mascara everyday to feel…’okay‘ 🤣. I grew out of it, I also have a few pairs of lashes somewhere. I like the magnetic lashes from Velour, no trim. They are comfortable, and I also like wispy lashes from Andrea Brand over Ardell, same basic price range, I always have to cut Ardell. Other things I use not shown, I use a damp makeup sponge to apply makeup, it is the only way, can’t remember brand name, it the orange one 🤣. Makeup setting spray is ‘The All Nighter’ from Urban Decay.

Things to note from above, I like the hylouronic primer by First aid beauty shown, but prefer their coconut primer. A foundation palette is really helpful if you are mixing two foundation colors, highly recommend. Stencils like the star one shown work perfectly with the Melt liner pots, it is from Models Own. Hourglass Veil is the only powder that doesn’t cake up on me, I don’t even experiment with others this one is worth it, lasts a very long time. Works to set under eye as well so no need to buy different powders.

Tinted Love ‘Love chain‘ was the most magical thing I ever put on my lips. It was limited edition and it is pretty much empty I just can’t seem to throw it away. These lip tints need to come back Charlotte!

KVD Tattoo liner, I have yet to find a liner that works better. Honorable mention would be Tarte ‘Sex Kitten’ and Stila ‘Stay all Day’ in comparison. I prefer to buy mini‘s because they are cheaper and I can use them up before they dry out.

UD ‘Perversion‘ mascara is my favorite! High end mascaras are about the same price all the way around, I prefer this one, but I also like Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’, and Smashbox ‘Full Exposure’ although I tend to poke myself in the eye with that Too Faced wand 🥴. I was gifted Diorshow once, and I used it but it still wasn’t better than UD, and I only buy cruelty free cosmetics.

Lip liners I prefer pencil over cream ones, they last years that way. These Melt ones are good, All you really need is a nude, a red, and a berry and your basically set, with all lipstick colors. Coven cosmetics black lipstick ‘Void’ is the only black one I have at the moment, I like KVD ‘Witches’ as well, they are very similar in feel. I only wear matte black liquid lipsticks because I don’t want a huge mess on my face. The first intro to black lips was Limecrime ‘Black Velvet’ in the early 00’s, I LOVED IT! But there was a lot of scandal with the company and I just stopped using it. It still is for sale at Ulta, the company changed ownership I think as well. They were liquid lip pioneers though, with a heavenly vanilla cake scent!

City lips THE BEST PLUMPER, I always buy during a sale, they have them often. I’ve only ever bought the clear one, but it’s better than any of the stinging ones. I recommend highly if lip plumping is your thing.

Melt ghostlight is the only highlight I own at this moment. I’m so pale nothing else shows up anyways 👻. I have eyeballed that Anastasia ’Iced out’ highlighter…maybe someday I’ll add it. The luminous foundation looks like skin, I have repurchased many times. The 210N color is when I am tan…which is never, so it’s on standby, lol! The 200W is perfect though. Shapetape concealer is just for under my eyes and upper lip highlight so it lasts forever, I go between colors light sand(20s) and fair (12s). I usually prefer to buy those in travel size to get through it faster.

Skin care I love for pre-makeup application is using my flawless face trimmer to get up any face fuzz, let’s face it, we all have it. Wash face with water only, let dry all the way, then use a universal face peel from Dr. Gross. A quick two step gentle chemical face peel that just makes the smoothest plumpest most perfect canvas. If it still feels like you need moisture before primer I like a few drops of either Tarte Maracuja Oil or Josie Maran Argon Oil, just warm and press between fingers and press into skin. Literally all that I recommend. Face peel if you can afford them they are ultimate holy grail skin care recommendation. I prefer on non makeup days to do the peel before bed, no moisturizers necessary. I haven’t had any of those since January!

Well, I hope that this was interesting and different. Have a great Thursday and I’ll be back tomorrow!