Mastering my crafts
Energy of the week

Mastering my crafts


Hello! Surprise it's a 2-fer Tuesday. This weeks energy is resinating for me. I actually love this card like I love the Hermit. I just heard, "whistle while you work..." uh, ok, lol! I am in good spirits!

I have been clearing out the junk in my head and transforming it into art as some of you may have noticed. This video helps too, you can listen while you scroll the page...

I have recieved my bracelet string so I can start making a few of those. I am not getting the 555 bracelet after all, the order was cancelled, on the seller's end. O'well I guess it is some kind of sign.

I'll just start with the other three necklace to bracelet conversions, and then a red coral bracelet and a turquoise. I actually have no clue if the turquoise I have is real or not...I didn’t buy it, (from an old necklace), and it is hard to tell from looking at it, usually fake turquoise is the one you think is real, and vice versa.

Much warmer this morning than yeserday, but it felt like it stayed darker a lot longer, I do wake up at the butt crack of dawn. I tried the new Toniiq coffee, was a success in taste and bang for buck! Day two of my new methyl vitamins, if tomorrow goes good and I'm not overmethylated I'll up my dose. I started at a quarter tab. I really don't think I'll need higher than a half tab a day. I did add some methylcobalamine today also that I've had leftover from another brand. We shall see if I get bad side effects, really they are just unpleasant, not life threatening, and go away on their own. I took it all at 7:30am and it’s now almost 11am so I think I'm in the clear. Now I'm just really hungry, I have one pice of veggie pizza left and I'm having zuchini sticks and marinara, in the oven now.

I don't have much else going on I've not talked about already. However, I can give a hint on a few next month things. I'm decorating this upcoming weekend, oracle collective reading, full moon reading and rituals on the 29th, with a few new crystals of significance. Hopefully one or two spooky nail stamping looks to show for the holiday. Refreshing my hair to just black, so no blue reflect this time. A makeup post and new makeup look if I can get into it, I haven’t worn makeup all summer. A costume? A few more crystals, and 2 new card decks for a day of the dead reading!

Alright I'm off to eat, have a great day :)