May recap

May recap


Okay so, this month…lets see...Quite O‘month

Lots of inner work, coping with Midwest weather and humidity, managing swelling, food changes. With that said it’s been more of a body month than an artistic one, but necessary nonetheless and I am going to get to it (the art) this weekend. Infact, today looks like a good Copic notebook doodle day. I want to try a new to me technique of dropping down ink in various ways, then after it dries and after I look at it awhile, I’ll come back to sketch over what I see in it? Anyone else try this? It will be cool!

So what have I enjoyed this month? O‘ I don’t know, you can probably guess though. Also fried cauliflower has been something I’m having more often. I know it’s not too healthy but it’s tasty. I‘ve also eaten a lot of red, orange and yellow food this month. Not on purpose really but I think now I’ll continue them purposely into the future. I think it’s strawberry season now actually, so I’ll probably pick some up this week. Fucking love those!

My next super food I’m including to my health journey is Manukora Manuka honey, I may order it today, with some mushroom coffee still haven’t repurchased yet. The next bucket list type thing I’m looking to eat is mochi. I’ve never had it, and it always looked so good when other people eat it. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long, lol. It’s the ASMR and whispering that gets me I guess. I know some people are annoyed by the sounds but not me! I like it. More sounds, MORE 🤣!

🤣😂🤣 I want to hear this but it’s silent asmr?

Oh god I’m in a fun mood. I suppose I should go, I’m also Crystal gazing today which may or may not result in a purchase. I know…I‘m just looking for a few tumbled small ones for my collection nothing extravagant.

Have a fantastic day and weekend. I’ll be…around 💫 Multidimensionally… check the 3,4,5, & 6th one.

Here’s a video for any procrastinators out there…you know what I mean…at the very least it’s actually pretty hilarious to listen to and watch the silent gif