May the 4th

May the 4th

be with you


I’m not really a Star Wars fan but I can celebrate the day with a meme or two. It just never captured my attention. When I was little I had to go see it at the theater and I was really bored and impatient about it, so I think that’s why I never gave it much more thought. I like Yoda though, and chewy, r2d2, C-3PO, and the Ewoks (these are all star wars characters right 😂)? I never watched the newest movies but I like the baby yoda memes anyways. That might surprise some because I’m all about fantasy this and space that. Don’t hate me. Maybe I’ll try to make it through watching them one day. I’ve seen enough to get some of the humor.

KSU graduates next Friday, it’s seems people are already leaving town. I’ve heard it’s pretty nice in the summer here because no one’s here, no traffic, no waiting lines anywhere. Not that bad when school is in either, really. I lived near FSU in Florida this doesn’t compare at all. At least inside the city, maybe traffic is bad coming into the city from outside of it I don’t know as I got here a week or two before people came back for spring semester.

So I have burned my old food norms to the ground to start over. Big changes to help me, eliminate estrogen dominance. I am one of those people that gains 5-8 lbs during luteal phase of my cycle every month, that comes off after the fact but it’s too much, I just can’t take it! I feel it can’t be good on the body either. I’ll show the things I’m trying as I eat/drink them.

Tomorrow morning I’m having my one coffee, then an 8oz glass of pure carrot juice which is new to me, it is a main estrogen flusher from your system. Beets are another veggie that does but I’m already taking beetroot powder. Tonight I’m going to eat a square of 70% dark chocolate instead of the magnesium supplement. It contains magnesium glyconate which helps swelling due to low magnesium.

Tomorrow grabbing some more things such as flaxmeal, which also works well on the estrogen overload part. Celery is good, I ate it today. Legumes are good, limit dairy and animal protein. I will get some of those pastas that are made from veggies instead of grain, some avacado, picking to eat eggs this week as my animal protein and probably chicken. Hummus and avacado crackers. Sahale cashew mix with vanilla and pomegranate as a protein snack. Getting a lemon and raspberries for my water. I did get a new jelly today, it’s Melinda brand Ghost pepper strawberry 😱 I love it! It’s spicy 🤣. I’m also trying to ween myself off this Coke Zero crutch I live on, I have a 12 pk and when it’s gone I will try not to buy it. I’ve been wanting to eliminate it but I need some thing to replace it. Carbonation is something I enjoy, so I decided to try Celsius. I bought three to try out, I remember it from long ago I would get it every now and then in Florida but it was expensive! It still is, but its much more available and affordable for me now. I know it has cyano b12 but only a trace amount, like 6mcg it won’t hurt me I take about 5mg of the good b12 to knock it out the park. Celsius is a thermogenic drink that actually works you out a little due to the caffeine/guarana seed stacked together. But it is totally in a healthy and safe way, omitting aspartame, aceK and other unhealthy stuff that is in diet soda.

I’ll only drink one a day at lunch time, otherwise I’d never go to sleep. I think it will be good though. I think that is it for today. Have a great weekend.