I may have had ice cream yesterday…ridiculously priced ice cream



Good morning, 🤗 May! Yesterday I ended up with ice cream from cold stone. I haven’t had Cold Stone since Las Cruces, probably around May or so. I had the strawberry blonde cup, it is strawberry ice cream with graham cracker crust, caramel and whip cream. Really good, but not $9 good! Many years ago I would occasionally get ice cream for lunch after my shift at the mall that I worked at in Naples. I liked watching the ice cream being rolled out flat, looked like hard work though. I also had that new burger at Chili’s. It was ok, it was like a Big Mac but better quality made at a restaurant.

Grey skies on both cards, yes cards, but not overly positive, more of a maybe from the neutral color of the combined overcast sky. This pair calls for shadow work to balance inner and outer worlds and keep the feminine energy from the temperance card from being overlooked or unacknowledged by the hierophant card. The Hierophant and The Temperance combination reminds us that balance and flexibility are essential in order to grow and evolve. Moreover, this combination may also indicate the importance of community and finding like-minded individuals who share similar beliefs and values. It suggests the need to create a supportive and safe environment where everyone can express their ideas without judgment or fear. Overall, The Hierophant and The Temperance combination encourages finding the right balance between tradition and innovation, following one's spiritual path with discipline and patience, and creating a community that fosters growth and understanding. Watch your outside world indulgences this month, and restrain your impulses. Try not to fixate on things outside your control.

I don’t always pull a card of the month ahead of time. Sometimes I’ll ask so what was the overall energy of…said month? To see if I guessed right 😂. Last month was the Tower shadowed by the Devil, I kinda of agree, in ways I had very little will power. Last year April was the Devil, and the year before I posted this on FB poking fun at how it was feeling at this time. Lol! Ouch.

Ouch! March and April

Getting ready to wash my hair. Had chicken noodle soup to lighten up. Need to refresh color soon it’s faded to dark brown. Change nail polish day too, the last one is chipping off pretty good. Nails are growing faster it seems. My multi vitamin has iodine in it so maybe my lunulas will come back. I’m trying to stay as positive or the next three days as I can because how these three days go supposedly sets how the next three years goes, I can’t remember why…I read it yesterday I think it was a planetary placement but not sure. Not matter, I’m going to make some good days/years.

This weeks manicure Zoya Saint in mini bottle. Just like me 🤪😈