Methodical Monday

Methodical Monday


Good afternoon, woke up at U guessed it! 3am, the veil is so thin right now, the theta state is very active, lol. I can tell it’s Virgo moon on the horizon. Just ate lunch and am going to move the stuff to storage today in a little bit. Yay it’s finally happening, alright boxes go on git, so I can properly unpack what I want to. Looking forward to it. Haven’t even properly cleaned the floors here. It was very clean arriving here, but within a few weeks they need cleaned now but not today. I only use steam on tile floors with the tiniest splash of diluted bleach. No idea what others used last and it always freaks me out, because Chimmie likes to lick grout, lol.

Just been in my analytical brain today to get stuff done. I will try to be creative later but it can be hard to do when my brain is asking me constantly, “ok what’s next”. Probably no Art Dump tomorrow as I try to get unpacked all the way. With more odd and end things to storage tomorrow. Also have to find time to wash my hair. Legs feel better today being back in compression. I got these spa wipes called Dr Bump I guess they are for for prepping skin for waxing to prevent ingrown hairs. I don’t use for that, I use as everywhere wipes. Tea tree oil and manuka honey are cooling and soothing and I like them on my feet it makes them feel cold a moisturized for a few minutes at least before putting socks on.

I also have been considering my next health journey addition Because it is getting close to needing a vitamin or two. I am definitely sticking with methyl life supplements, I will tweak the order a bit from what I currently have. So I’ll be ordering methylation II which is folate and methylb12, instead of Folate with Hydroxocabalmin. Then get Hydroxy on its own instead of b12 complete. It’s kinda of all the same thing I’m taking now but it’s cheaper if I buy it this way. Then after looking at the ingredients of the non methylated variety (meaning without folate and b12) of the supplemental multi vitamin they offer, it is actually perfect so I’m going to get that as well. One of the very few multi vitamins that don’t include extremely high amounts of B6 and all the b vitamins are in their active forms, it’s really amazing. So many good extras as well in the mineral dept, and other blends like artichoke, Milkthistle, TMG, insistol, etc. They created it without magnesium due to you needing large amounts of it for all body functions they wouldn’t be able to fit it all in a pill. So you need a separate magnesium. I’m going to continue to take wild foods co Magnesium complete because it is seven types in one plus fulvic acid. But I did take the magnesium they offer at Methyl life before, and I conclude it is a good one too.

I have decided I will be also getting the 4-in-1 gut health next. I really feel it’s time to get this gut health in order, everything else falls into place after that. I still take The Milkthistle and dandelion root for my liver, it really isn’t temporary it’s a way of life, when I don’t take it I feel sick. It really helps your liver function, highly recommend to anyone who does drink.

So yes, going to start pre and pro biotics, a multivitamin/mineral complex, in addition to some healthy daily new liquids, organic pineapple juice and org chicken bone broth. Try and keep coffee to one cup, and my intake of Coke Zero to none or one a day. Bad habit but I don’t drink alcohol at all anymore. Also would like to incorporate mushroom coffee back into my life at 2-3x a week could possibly be sustainable and beneficial for me, just need to stick to one without reishi.

Well, that turned into a ramble, lol. I better get going for now.