Minestrone soup and unconditional ❤️

Minestrone soup and unconditional ❤️


Good morning, peculiar hungry wake up feeling today, I think my body is just now realizing, ‘hey where is my bone broth?’ So in spite of the ridiculousness of my inner voice, I had to eat soup almost immediately. I tried to drink coffee but got only halfway through it, and had to dump it out. Okay, soup then.


It gets weirder…so I then became super tired about an hour afterwards and I had to sleep again, and I tried to wake up once but my body was like ,”no you don’t!” Then another hour passes and woke up to lots of thunder. Also something happening down the road. Emergency lights on my wall through the shades…not sure what was happening but I don’t think it was a dangerous emergency. It’s all clear now.

Woke up to this-Ambulance, and police lights on my wall

Now I’m finishing eating lunch. I had Qdoba last night so I had left overs. It is just going to be a body love day. I need to shave my legs and wash my hair. It sounds like I‘m sleeping too much but actually, I’m not getting to sleep until about 1am and I’m still getting up by 6am or so. It is catching up with me for sure so this is what my body says it needs. It is the new way for me right now.

So a little unconditional love to my body today. I love myself not because I think I’m so great but because I embrace my imperfect self now, I might get caught up in my higher self (future) but I love me now. Like, I may wish my legs worked everytime I need them to, or wish my ankles and feet were normal, but I don’t love myself any less if they malfunction on me it’s beyond my control.

Unconditional love is loving without…conditions and not material (with object), but soul. With others that means to love one for just simply being them and not having a base reason why, at the soul level, as a whole person, the good and bad. Not what their potential is, not how they look, not for wealth, not what they can do, will do, or have done for you, not because they love you therefore you love them. Those types of love have other names, and are not wrong, you can love someone in multiple ways. You can totally tell someone all the ways you love them if it strikes you to do so.

The higher love always belongs to the giver whether the receiver reciprocates or not, because it is a state of being which cannot be taken away. For example, you may feel an unconditional love for a family member or friend, and their actions in life doesn’t change the love you keep for them. However, it doesn’t mean you will let them do just anything to you because they think you have to put up with it, because you are family or the like. It doesn’t mean you allow someone to make you a doormat, it means you love them and you have boundaries because you respect yourself. The love is still the same, it just isn't your job to fix them. So you stand by at a distance while you allow them to fix themselves. It is supportive but not always tangible to the receiver. Because of this they might not believe you love them, because it isn’t given in a material way, and it is rarely reciprocated. It is a state of being that starts with yourself and trickles out after opening your heart. You have to change your perspectives on what it means to love people. Most of us have conditions for others it is true, where we make them prove it, and are gaslit if we do not. That is until collective consciousness levels up which is what is happening now. Then it will be everyone’s normal state of being.

What in the what am I talking about. I’m going to go start my day now, lol.

Going to sleep with my scolecite tonight to help clarify the dreamscape

I hardly ever do that but I thought I’d try to hold it while sleeping, but I might end up just putting under my pillow.