The Urban Crow Oracle



Today’s collective message is Mischief, from the Urban Crow Oracle. As you can see in the picture crows enjoy pulling tails, if something has a tail it will pull it. Sometimes just to get a rise out of the person, a minor annoyance or short term grief. This card can also mean that you yourself need to let in a little innocent mischief into your life if you find yourself being a bit too serious. Whatever this may mean for you in your own lives.‘

Good morning, I am not doing Art Dump Tuesday this week, my days entail lots of self-care maintenance and rest, so I didn’t have time for it. My apologies, next week is Halloween on Tuesday, so I’ll be posting other content then too. Expect the next Art Dump on Nov 7th, plenty of time to gather up some stuff.

I just put in an order for more Toniiq mushroom coffee, tomorrow will be an entire 30days and I would say there is still two or three servings in it passed that so very cool, it is a good buy. I also have a partial costume piece for Halloween coming on Friday. Also a bottle of shampoo from the brand Function of beauty, they have a limited edition black shampoo for October so I figured I would try it. They engrave your bottles with a name. I used to use this brand when I was blonde and I liked it a lot. You design your own shampoo by telling them you hair type, needs, and desired results, you pick your own color tint and scent. I love the pear scent but I thought I’d try the peach scent this time. They also had a new vanilla scent available maybe I’ll try that next. I’ll show my bottle when I get it. Below is a peek, and a sandwhich. 🤣. So far this morning I’m feeling good, not swollen, and a little more energy than yesterday. I woke up this morning from a thunderstorm, it was intense! It has dried up now but it did take a few hours. It was like a Florida thunderstorm!🌩️. I’ll try and post again later but I’m off for now. Have a good one.