Monday πŸ’€
Run away! 🀣

Monday πŸ’€


Happy solar eclipse, even spiders deconstruct their web in an eclipse, we will all be okay.

So I finished up posting last night and got SO tired I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to find a feature photo. It was 12:30am, I was scrambling, I needed to post it last night, it was so weird, I guess maybe the magnesium kicked in all of a sudden. I finally I found one and published it, I figured I could just change photo when I woke up.

Then I got on my phone to play the video I said I was going to sleep to, and YouTube videos were down. Just a blacked out screen I haven’t ever seen that before. I check on down detector and it was indeed down, other where saying the same thing. So I was in silence last night except for the quiet humming of the floor fan. Thankfully I was able to sleep through but I was still tired when I woke up and a little bit sore.

This morning my Amazon order arrived at 9am. I was shocked usually they show up at the end of the day. Yay! Here is what I got. The gel pad, roller, and acrylics. This cream I have to cover my legs in and two different types of charcoal masks. I’ve liked these ones for years and they are affordable and cruelty free. I feel like trying them on my forearm where I have a bunch of weird dark spots, see if it fades them and also the itchy parts on my legs. Last and FINALLY some new long ass socks, these are knee length. I never received the last sock order πŸ™„.

And now for a video, I know, peculiar, but this keeps popping into my head so I thought I may as well post it for others to share the laugh.