Incoming light

Incoming light


Okay now I understand why I was feeling the way I was yesterday, I did stay up until midnight, but look at the light codes coming down, on the Schumann below. I was irritable, partly my rash, but also didn’t look to see what the Schumann resonance was doing yesterday, now I see! I also had a cup full of blood brushing my teeth last night, it was bright, I have a really healthy mouth normally but my gums bleed sometimes, I’m a secreter, but this was excessive. So, this is what I’m going through at the moment. The rash sucks, it is worse on this leg but it’s on both. This was right after I shaved and put on the cream, so it’s shiny and red, but today it is just pink. Quite uncomfortable, and my ankles and feet are huge.

Chimmie woke me up at 4am for whatever reason, maybe it woke her too. As you can see more white light coming in full blast at 7am. I’ve changed up some of my ascension help playlist on YouTube this morning now I’m listening to it. I have a pair of noise cancelling headphones now. I’ve never used headphones before, lol! I’ve always ever just listened through earbuds or AirPods. This is quite nice! 😊. I’m grounding through frequency now👇🏻.

How’s everyone else? Rest up. Right now my head is tingling on left back side in the sensory area dealing with muscle and skin. Be back later. Having a chai latte, now listening to time x stellar enjoying the beauty of the mix and my sensory response. 🫠. I’ve posted it before but a here it is again if you want to join in.