Monday 🌪️

Monday 🌪️


X-4.5 flare Overnight, I didn’t go to sleep until about 12:30am. The cosmic weather is…wow. Wild dreams. Now I wake up to possible tornado. No escape from the storms

Stay hydrated

I just finished lunch. Today I tried these ancient grains crackers for the first time with Sabra hummus. Pretty good. Also a different flavored Celsius this one tastes like blueberries to me or maybe red raspberry. So far I like Celsius.

Looks like there is severe weather forecast for early afternoon today, lol. It is feeling like a repeating pattern for sure. Tornadoes possible. I watch the YouTube channel Ryan Hall ya’ll to follow the realtime touchdowns, kinda fun actually. This coverage today is scheduled for 3:45pm so far.

In the middle of all dashed lines

So, I will be hiding out in my cave :) I feel like it’s already dark out. Then if we get one I’ll be in my disco bathroom until it passes. I say disco because I have my crystal multi colored light in there. I just hit that when I’m in there rather than the bright overhead lights. It’s fun! There’s no windows in there but two huge mirrors, so I can see those crashing down on my head if it did hit. I need a helmet 🥴.

I’ll be back and forth here with updates.

I got tired so I had a a little snack to wake me up. The tornado alarms went off about 25 minutes ago, I guess there was one east of KSU headed north now or it may have broken apart, not sure. The warning was until 8pm so tornado watch is over, thunderstorms until 11pm. Just stopping by to say I’m alright 🥱.