Monday Funday?
A drink to lube the joints and ligaments…

Monday Funday?


Good morning, sipping a turmeric ginger green tea, with coconut cream. Contemplating my free time, I’m sure I’ve had funner Mondays but it’s too early to tell. I am planning to try and get some things done that I don’t like to do today. Cleaning makeup brushes and cleaning out wax from candle jars, and throwing away questionable things from the food pantry because it is garbage night. There are some boxes stacked in the garage to look over to see if any are salvageable for this move.

Gotta send out Mercari orders and get a birthday card for my mom today, I’ve already sent a gift. I have anxiety about telling her I’m moving because I don’t need any extra negative energy as I’m sure she is not going to be thrilled. I need to spread the word because I don’t want anyone sending Christmas gifts here. Christmas is cancelled 🤣.

Here’s my chili and cornbread from yesterday really good!

I‘m probably not going to get around to posting for the new moon today. But have a happy new moon in ♏! If I get a chance I’ll pull some oracle cards today and post tomorrow for the collective.

I am a little scatterbrained because I have a lot to think about. Relying on medicinal mushrooms and caffeine to pull me through 🤣. Please wish me luck, ease, and safety on my new journey.