Monday 🪄

Monday 🪄


I just finished lunch and decided to write for a moment and something that I’ve never seen before is happening right outside my line of vision of my right eye. It’s a vibrating line of light from the energy center of my right arm/shoulder area and infront of me but like I said off center so when I move my eye to look direct is disappears. I can tell it is in waves and I see red and blue double helix 🧬 and it is still there just waving into the distance…what does that mean? Hopefully dna repair, I could use it. I guess I‘ll continue writing 👀.

I just took about an hour away from the computer after the first paragraph and cleaned myself. I shaved my legs, my right ankle is red and so puffy, my sock rode down my leg and bunched up around the ankle overnight, I’m guessing that’s why. I notice I still have a bruise on the bottom of my foot too, healing so slowly. After-all of that I still feel dirty, why?

Just took another timeout to fix my nails, which that fees better! Decided to do another black manicure. Couldn’t find my glossy topcoat so I used matte topcoat. I LOVE the combination, looks rubberized.

I think I’ll have Qdoba today to lift my spirits. Here are some weekend pics.

I would post more like a quote or song but the website is not cooperating so I can’t, try again later. Umm…happy Monday 🪄.