Here I am... 



Hey hey how is your Monday? Mine has been pretty good. I decided on making a hummingbird art since I have one hanging out on and off throughout the day. I imagine this how I look at it, and in turn maybe it looks at me with wonder too. Start finding the beauty in everything!

I like it but, I Think I burned my tongue 

I started my  Think coffee this AM, with the Think coconut creamer. Not much coffee flavor, I Think <- 🤣 I'll just buy the mushroom blend and add it my own coffee next time I need to repurchase. The creamer is coconuty, I don’t notice any vanilla flavor though. I also had one turmeric ginger green tea this morning. One of the two drinks really opened my bronchial tubes or something I feel like I'm getting more oxygen, so that’s a plus I wasn’t looking for. Now I’m trying to Think my way through a meal plan for the week which is challenging. Today I think I'm going to eat a big salad with chicken. This morning I added some chia gel to my overnight oats. I have a leftover piece of sandwich from yesterday for lunch, I think I'm going to grab it now while I do this. Unfortunately this bread is enriched (of course), so I shouldn’t get this again. Jimmy Johns french bread is a no for me, but the whole grain slices are ok. Hey everytime I say think take drink 😂. I am looking up, I should be feeling little by little a bit better. That's  all I got to say today. Have a beautiful outlook on life and magical Monday.

"And here you are, living, despite of it all" - Rupi