Photo “Shapeshifting” by me

Just Me

Hello again. I'm delighted to share my interpretation of myself and how I operate as a 3D and beyond human. I do a lot of photo manipulations using myself as a subject because its free. I experiment on myself as a means to learn a new technique, skill, software, whatever that may be. Its not that I'm super conceited, its that I don’t have to pay me and I always agree with myself...or do I? 🤪 Although it may look that way if you dont know me. I let people make their own conclusions, at the core it doesnt take anything away from me. Multifaceted describes me, not to be misinterpreted as two faced or bipolar. Rather that I live in-between worlds of consciousness.  I sometimes describe it as a sort of acid trip existence, looking at life through a kaleidoscopic lense of pigment and fractures. Fun fact I had a small jewelry shop called Kaleidoscope Reserve a decade ago, it was a blast creating it, but ended up being more work than fun in the end.  I'm also a collector of crystals and use them as bridges in my consciousness ladder in meditation and in turn use them as inspo occasionally in my art.  I take all that I experience in the  multiple levels of consciousness and merge that with some kind of tangible medium to bring it to life. That is kind of hard to explain, and I'm sure it sounds all kinds of crazy.  I'm not even sure if that is the correct way to describe me, but I know no other way. I pull inspo from my dreams, daydreams, ideas that come to me in meditation, my interactions with others, and so on. I'm a jack of all trades type of artist. I love writing, painting, photography, nail art, makeup, jewelry making, cosplay, scrapbooking, the list goes on. Only on my terms. I do not do commissions, I cannot find the focus to work on someone elses vision, and will never complete it. I know myself well enough to know that, so I just say no.

As for now, I'll give a brief description of my present self.  I would say I have a witchy lifestyle, even in highschool I carried magic books at around with me that I would check out at the library.  I live my life in the flow of following rituals with the seasons, its just very comforting and effortless to me. I don't follow any set of rules when it comes to my spiritual path. I just think of god in term of source energy, of vibrations. I'm very submersed in astrology, tarot, astronomy, physics, biology, minerology, and now quantum physics so anything invovling the natural world and the unseen world. I live on the bridge of being at peace with science and source. I'm not religious...its not the same thing.

Growing up in a small nowhere Ohio town, I had a fantastical vision where I would shed everything I had back home, and become a creepy cool artist living alone in a loft in New York City with a cat...only coming out at night.  Never sleeping, addicted to caffeine, clove cigarettes, and lonileness. I never even questioned it, I suppose it was a form of escapism from how mundane life in a small town actually is. I also thought I'd die young, (specifically 22) no real reason, just a hunch, or maybe a Nostrodamus prediction on the world? 🤣  So, I didn’t put too much effort in my future, I mean...why would I?  None of that actually happened. It isn't even that wanted to go to NYC, but that I had this image of what an artist had to do to 'make it'.  My real life was so drastically different from that, its hilarious to think about. Making it in the world varies on individual perspective. I could go on and on about life in Ohio but I need to move on. I would rather slowly reveal snippets of my past over time instead of all at once.

That is the brief, "About Me" that I have for you today. My next post will be more about the present.

My jewelry making Kaleidoscope Reserve era