More cookies 😱😂

More cookies 😱😂

Today I packed all my cd’s, vinyls, music art and turntable this morning and threw out some shoes. Luckily I kept all the vinyl boxes! Very secure and confident about my tlc there. Then lastly packed all my art supplies pens, ink, markers, paint brushes etc. DONE! But not done without getting cookies, yes again.

Felt so good waking up this morning very light in the upper body, I guess it took a few days for me to release with the full moon for some reason. Greatful, for the comfortable night and restored body. Now I feel really dusty from packing so I need to clean up. Packed up this years writual planner debated on throwing it away, I’ll keep it for a while to reflect on. I liked it but I’m not buying another one, just going to use these Peter Pauper blank journals this year ahead, I’m ready for this upcoming one.

I’ve come so far in growth through the challenges this decade, but especially from 2017 stagnancy and dark nights, but knew things were changing soon.

2018 temporary transitions very neutral feeling, verging on boring existence but comfortable and still traveled a little bit. Kitsune passed away.

2019 on top of thee world doing all kinds of stuff I didn’t plan to do at my age. Everything was on the up and up, which felt suspicious 😆. Then a strange karmic pattern return that started first in a dream then in actual life, and a death in the family set the lovely backdrop to the next year.

2020 the year of wtf is happening! catapulted into ascension going through the umpteenth awakening of my life 😆, dream orgasms 😳(that started off as just grocery shopping 🤣 to much more fun ones as years progress). Then pandemic disarray and confusion felt like being slapped into a bizarro world. Zita passed away and another family member also. Then Chimmie entered my life. In that crazy time found some forever soul tribers who weren’t just 2020 trauma bonds, that just sort of happened in a serendipitous way. I drank way too much on nye and I lived through it somehow holy cow.

2021 woke up feeling like hell and twisted my knee somehow. Started getting progressively sober-er. The year of continued looming fears of not recovering from 2020, and still trying to be a light for other people, but we all had the same looming dark cloud of uncertainty. I just put a bag over my head mostly, having doubts about every single thing going on in my life, a year of (super dream state highs and visions) and deep lows (3d reality) but the dimensions were starting to merge very interestingly, but I didn’t know how to balance my bodies yet.

2022 Sober. trying to grow and hold on and still trying to control outside forces at the same time leaving me exhausted and more sick than usual, was never fully committed to focusing on any one part of life, had some highs and some sad moments as well. Getting deeper into meditation and healthy lifestyle changes. Drank wine on nye week a few times but was not phased, could take or leave it.

2023 Sober, but starting to get high on life. The year of timeline shifts, intuitive learning, faith and hope, creative bursts, there are layers to that, spiritual upgrades (the clairs) and I finally got Covid, yay 😂, and ended in an inevitable tower moment that I had dodged a few times, spirit steps in and says nah your gonna go here now, thanks spirit, lol. I could no longer avoid it but it’s actually a blessed new start financially in a whole new place, as long as I’m secure in myself I can be anywhere. This year I created a safe space where I could talk to myself (yes this blog) it really helps me. I am a person that learns best by writing things out myself and rereading it later. Maybe it’s also interesting to others or inspires others to also talk more to themselves, it’s okay 👌🏻 we are the smart ones…really! Not drinking on nye.

2024 Super sober, forecast a year of 🧿 knowing, increased strength, innovation, and major growth without as much pain and struggle as before because I’ve learned to heal myself, it may be the same pain but it won’t effect me as much. I finally have come out of all of that like a runner on my hands and knees crossing a finish line, but finishing nonetheless. A new me has been born finally, after so many false starts this year. Healing is ongoing but I think I’m gonna make it! I hope you are here with me, following my progress.

I trust my intuition more than my open eyes.