Motivated Monday

Motivated Monday


Hi, I prepped my Art Dump Tuesday post this AM so I’m just now writing this one. I contemplated just publishing it today but I didn’t. Check for it tomorrow for some Year of the Dragon cut clips and explainations.

I woke up much less swollen all over my body this morning. I feel so much better, I hope it continues because I have a ways to go yet. Pretty rowdy last night after the Super Bowl, people everywhere carrying on screaming and fireworks after that, lol. I just guessed the Chiefs won, I didn’t watch it. Football was never my thing.

I happened to find fragrant jewels angel numbers necklaces 777 & 888 😱! So they’re on the way. I wasn’t searching I just had to go on Mercari for something. I can’t wait to open my store back up, soon!

I am making some whale art currently, I’ll show when I’m done. It’s part of my dream art I’ve been wanting to make. I listened to Spotify last night to all the new songs on my follow list ‘release radar section’. I was surprised I liked almost all of them, so it was a fun few hours of listening to brand new music.

I’m about to get dinner going, it’s already fucking 5pm! 😳 I will post a pic here later for those of you food porn lovers, and you know I mean food! 🤣

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Random song/video Shireen is a favorite in visuals so stunning!