Music and sriracha

Music and sriracha

Catchy title right?

I was trying to take a break from the death in the family going on at the moment. So, I thought I'd come here to talk about music one of my favorite things. Oh yeah and sriracha 😂. I don’t ever get mad hardly ever about anything, but this sriracha shortage got me panicking. Black market prices for a bottle a running $125! Whaaaat?! I have about three tablespoons left in my bottle, and its the small bottle since the large one has been MIA for like a year at the stores here. Why is it so good!

This past week I’ve been listening to some tribal synthy rave tunes, by Landikhan, Niña Indigo, and Illich Mujica and then I'm also listening to that Siberian band Otyken and also some instrumental movie type music by Alex Richstein and Patryk Scelina.  Its all new music to me even though it is not all necessarily new, and I'm just feeling it so much right now.  Last month I found dark synth Gloom Influx and Tenth Dimension, so I've been listening to that too and some new and old Peter Gabriel.  It's just what I needed to get lost in new music in between meditation and creating. What a week!

I have lots of music memories and keepsakes, tickets stubs, photos, and physical music. I'll designate a post for that stuff on another day.

I've  been to lots of liveshows but strangely enough I've only seen them in PA, OH, and FL. How weird! Well, right now I'm too immobile to go see any. Sitting around at a show in a wheelchair does not sound like a good time. I have to sit with my feet up all the time my circulation is weak in my limbs and sludge pools in my ankles and I'm becoming knock knee'd from my muscle wasting 🫤. Fuck. Ahh, everything will work out somehow. Gotta keep saying it and believing it. Its the nightmare I wake to every morning, struggle for a few minutes then forget about it. I'm alive, and I chose to incarnate and go through this...

Well that took a turn 😂 I'm sorry,  I'm so used to it I barely remember what it feels like to be 'normal.' Except that I was once, and I thought I had problems then. What I would give to have those problems, instead.  Don’t take your legs for granted! Here's a picture of the last time I ever wore heels, my ankles said uhh, NO we don't do this anymore. Then this is my everyday normal for the past I don’t know 5yrs? Omg.  When I moved to MI from FL my legs looked dead and bloated on the drive there. It was so weird.  Then they went back to normal after resting at the new place.  Well that's my legs, lol. It is late I'm going to bed now, good night.